In case you haven’t noticed, there are at least a few places to read about politics. The problem is where to go first. Or second. Or third. Did we mention there’s a lot out there. There are even a few really solid aggregators. Perhaps you have a robust Twitter feed. That doesn’t even account for friends emailing and texting links.

You’d think the last thing we need is another source. There’s always room for one more. The writers at Two Seventy are not insiders. We don’t know many insiders. We don’t know many people who know insiders.

There are advantages to being on the inside. But there are disadvantages too. Being too close to the action can cloud objectivity. You can over-emphasize what you hear from someone who is part of a campaign, or has some form of privileged knowledge. Sometimes stepping back provides a better view.

There’s a ton going on during this presidential cycle. More than any of us can track on our own. If you want to keep up, want a (reasonably) fair take, and don’t have time to self-curate, give us a daily visit.

If you are reading several stories a day and catching plenty of political media, add us to your rotation. Welcome aboard.





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