Take Two!

July 29, 2015

So I’ve tried this before.  Once or three times depending on how you count. This time, I have but one goal.  Survival.  From now until voters (at least the five who don’t vote absentee) go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, I’ll post at least once a week without exception.

That’s roughly 70 posts, or a little more than 3x what WordPress says the average blog achieves.  Mind you, if I get carried away and post extra in a given week, that doesn’t count.

No promises beyond that.

Hopefully a few people will read.  Hopefully no more than 90% of the predictions made will look stupid three weeks later.  Ideally, readers will see an interesting take or seven before most pundits say the same thing.

Like many people, I believe the following:

1. Trump won’t be the Republican nominee, but won’t go away soon.

2. I don’t know which Republican nominee I like best/would personally prefer.

3. I don’t know what the correct strategic choice for Establishment Republicans is.

4. I don’t know what the correct strategic choice for Christian Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Party Identifiers, Economic Conservatives,  Foreign Policy Hawks, or anyone else would be.

5. Hillary looks amazingly weak.  There aren’t any good alternatives.  She might take the Presidential Oath on 1/20/2017 anyway.

6. If Trump runs as an independent, #5 is almost probable.

7. A couple/few Republicans who would be legit Top Tier in another cycle will not win a single delegate.

So sit back and enjoy the Summer of Donald as we hack our way to some answers (or wild-ass guesses) over the next several months…..

2 thoughts on “Take Two!

    1. In terms of campaigning ability? Not off hand. It’s a good topic for a post. Assuming you mean won the General Election instead of the nomination, but it may be somewhat/completely true on the nominee side. Would probably only want to go back 120 years or so, as McKinley was the last major candidate to do the “front porch” campaign. On the other hand, after being in the public eye for so long, she does have more committed supporters than a normal weak candidate would. She’s fairly unique.


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